Deadpool V.3 – Suicide Kings


36 comments on “Deadpool V.3 – Suicide Kings

    • I think they are French, they’re acrylic paints from Citadel and I allways also use this giant 15€ can of varnish on figures to seal them. I also put some gloss varnish on the eyes and hands for a better look.

    • The Berreta pistol that I used because it looks like it comes from the cover of Suicide Kings can hold in his hands just fine, but it is too slim for the holster, unless you would jam in in there with a little piece of paper, the length is great but again, for the holster you would need some paper there.

      As you see from the WIP pictures I cut the swords all by myself, so they are made out of plastic, putty and I tied some really strong sewing thread around the handles.

  1. sorry i still haven’t ordered, but my family is on a budget that’s why it will take a little longer to earn the money

  2. ok, my family is starting to regain our money, so hopefully i can buy the custom in a couple weeks at the least, a couple months at the most, i’m really sorry for the wait.

    • no problem, I can make and sell as many deadpool figures as you need me to

      infact, today I sold that one DP figure, but I’ve just begun working on a new one and as my skills improve this one will be even cooler

    • That’s good to hear, but I’m so insanely busy right now, I don’t even know which figure to finish first. So many people waiting for figures, and this is less an apology, but more an explanation why it takes so long 😀
      I just got a lot of stuff on my plate.

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