Mass Effect – Liara T’Soni



35 comments on “Mass Effect – Liara T’Soni

      • it looks very well done, I was disappointed they never made liara into a figure, she’s such a cool character, I guess I can’t understand why they would make a mordin figure before someone like liara..(not that I hate mordin, but liara should have been more of a priority lol) can I ask how much one would cost? =)

      • sure, right now I take comissions and for Liara I would have to charge 175€

        I know that’s a lot, but if you look at my other recent figures you will see that most of them are up to par if not better than even play arts kai releases and certainly nobody will ever argue that my figures right now look nothing but better than the figures you see from people like kyle robinson or jin saotome, whose figures go for way more over on ebay

        with that said, I agree 100% with what you said about Liara, personally I think Mordin has a cooler arc but I find it inane that Ashley and Tali get figures but not Liara.

  1. ah alright, and yeah, I’ve seen some people sell their version of liara for a lot more, and it doesn’t even compare to to yours lol, I also saw you made samara, and again, very nice job lol, how much would she cost to create?

  2. hy there, I had a rather odd question, do or can you sell just the sculpted head? I like to try new things, especially when it comes to crafting, but I would never be able to craft the face like you have, =/

  3. ah, lol, well, this seems like a project worth investing in, how much did you use just for liara? and dose the stuff ever chip when it hardens?

  4. ah cool, thank you, btw, do you have a link to the Elizabeth figure you used for liara? I’ve looked everywhere I an think of and I cant seem to find the right one, its mostly statues or tiny little figures =P

  5. thank you!, are parts of her cloths removable? (boy dos that sound weird) or did you have to buy a separate action figure for the opposable body?

    • oh no, I used the same Elizabeth figure for that and replaced the coat from C.Viper 🙂

      I did however sculpt some of the details and would I do a Liara figure now, I would surely sew some new details on there similar to my most recent Edward Kenway figure from ACIV

  6. oh, lol, well, my 100% main concern is making her head right lol, I’ve been practicing with clay just to try it out….but yours is completely flawless, lol, sorta on the topic, did you use the same head for aria? or did you use vipers head?

    • Citadel makes really good acrylic paints and these are also the ones I use.

      Tamiya also has some good ones, but I never used those.

      I also use pastel chalk and mix them in with the acrylics.

  7. well I’ve finished crafting the putty to the figure, gotta say, its worked great! lol, thank you so much for helping me get everything I needed! lol,

    • oh specific brands are definelty better than others

      citadel and tamiya have my favorite paints

      you can try out different brands, but dont be surprised if they are low quality sticky and fuck up your brushes

      that’s why i personally use my brands

  8. thanks! I’ll get to work on buying some right away! however i’m having a problem with the citadel pain, its a LOT stronger than the kind I was using but it has this grainy kind of texture, like it has these tiny little grains in it , i’m just wondering if there is a way to mix it, or if I have to stir the container for a little, =/
    (again I cant tell you how helpful you have been! and i thank you!)

    • sure sure, since this is acrylic paint you actually have to mix it, especially when it becomes this grainy and gluey

      sometimes i add a couple of drops of water to the paint bucket

      but really it should be enough if you add a drop of water to your paint when you mix it on your plate

      there are actually two techniques for painting besides just slaping a coat of paint on your figure

      when you “dry brush” you actually have very little paint on your brush and it already is almost dried up and that way your brush will only touch the highest places on the sculpt to give it some great detail

      if you “ink” or “wash” you add a lot of water to your paint and that way it will actually only stick to the deep spots to creat some shading there

      i really recommend these basic tutorials on figure realm just to see the different techniques used

      dry bushing is mostly also used on armor plates, chain mail, guns, hair, that sort of thing and washing is something you would do to fabrics and clothes a lot, but both techniques can work depending on what you paint

      right now i very rarely ink and wash just because it takes a lot of time for the paint to dry and if i do, i mostly only do it once, but dry brushin on the other hand happens so quick, i think none of my figures are not dry brushed 😀

      but for smooth shading i actually prefer to use the pastel chalk

      a thing i always recommend though is using black color and lots of water on your figure if you ink it once just to give it some basic shading, after that i paint all the highlights by drybrushing and then i finally go in there with the pastel

      for example on my Link and Edward figures i didn’t ink anything because I was afraid i might accidently hit the clothing and then those stains would look like crap, but with my prince of persia, mass effect and spider-man figures i always inked a lot

      for example, for a primarly white liara i would do the following

      1. add a base coat of simple grey to all of her body armor, then follow up by adding some light grey highlights

      2. ink the entire figure with one or two coats of black wash

      3. then dry brush the highlights with a mix of white and silver, that way her outfit gets a slightly metallic look

      4. finally only dry brush some areas with white and after that I worry about all the other details on her body

      also, if you look at my samara figure you will see a slight metallic finish, that happened because i dry brushed the entire armor with silver and only minor spots are then affected by the paint

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