[PROTOTYPE] – Alex Mercer


24 comments on “[PROTOTYPE] – Alex Mercer

  1. I didn’t understand*** Sorry I’m not good at speaking english… The question is:

    Sorry I didn’t understand (Because i’m italian xD) “Blade boots”… did you use some boots to make a blade? xD

  2. Uff….. I can’t use Tamiya Epoxy Putty and Xorn’s body isn’t like prototype’s body.. Listen to me:

    If you’re selling this action figure, contact me or become patient and help me… Bye, thanks for help..

    • The Xorn body might seem bulky, but it is the one I used, right down to the jacket. The hands are the buliest part though, removed them asap.

      Tamiya Epoxy Putty might seem kinda weird at first, but it is hands down the most rewarding part of the work. I use sewing needles and tooth picks to sculpt it, and always keep water around to avoid your tools sticking to it.

      Again, I can totally recommend these tutorials: http://www.figurerealm.com/viewcustomtutorial.php

  3. Here is a small tutorial that I made…
    1) combine the Xorn body with the head of gambit with wolverine’s fists and with Marvel Legend Blade’s boots (How???)
    2) Use the tamiya epoxy putty to made the Alex Mercer jacket (It isn’t easy.. ç_ç)
    3) Use (again) the tamiya epoxy putty to made the Alex Mercer blade.

    Where did I wrong? (And sorry to disturb you)

  4. Ok thanks… I don’t think I made an action figure because i’m only 13 so I can’t buy 3 action figure (over 40 euro)… When I became an adult (Feel like a child xD), I’m making my first action figure.

    • don’t worry, I was your age when I actually started doing this thing.

      Flee markets are great places to get cheap figures, too. I hate spending 20€+ just on a figure only to customize it. As Robert Rodriguez said, “money doesn’t solve all problems, but creativity does”

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