Mass Effect 2 – Mordin Solus

PICT1538PICT1511 PICT1453PICT1480 PICT1477 PICT1514  PICT1345PICT1338 PICT1349PICT1333  PICT1357PICT1351 PICT1360 PICT1365  PICT1388 PICT1395 PICT1407 PICT1408PICT1379 PICT1417PICT1452 PICT1422 PICT1435 PICT1447 PICT1483 PICT1495 PICT1504 PICT1509PICT1524  PICT1576 PICT1515  PICT1528 PICT1531  PICT1554 PICT1567



16 comments on “Mass Effect 2 – Mordin Solus

    • I’m way too busy this year already to take any more comissions, sorry to sound like a douche, but I simply dont have the time. Got another job and writing papers, but thanks a million times for your comment.

  1. Hey, your Mordin looks amazing ! Any chance I’ll be able to buy him? I’m sure many ppl from bsn forums will love him too 😀

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