New 52 – Batman – Black Version

PICT1619  PICT1627 PICT1633 PICT1649  PICT1653 PICT1658 PICT1666 PICT1672 PICT1679 PICT1683 PICT1691 PICT1693 PICT1698 PICT1707 PICT1713 PICT1728 PICT1745 PICT1751 PICT1776

PICT1282 PICT1285


3 comments on “New 52 – Batman – Black Version

  1. Im really sorry I took so long to have the money to order the deadpool. So let me tell you why, my dad was in the hospital for three months, and my family is losing more money by the day. The only reason I can order it right now is because of christmas, so I hope you can understand why it was taking me so long. Your an amazing customizer and your prices are REALLY cheap compared to other customizers. Thanks, Camron

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