I have no idea what this show is about, Vampires, school girls and I think Felicia Day and that dude from the live action Dragon Ball movie was in it, whatever.

This base might not be the best out there due to the fact that the hip joint is sculpted in a way that doesn’t allow for great poses and crouching, BUT I will say that this is by far one of the best bases when it comes to sculpting a guy in a suit or tuxedo.

I’ve sculpted the Joker, Rorschach, Vincent and probably some other figures I can’t think of right now from this base and if you’re looking for a nice Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne base then just go out and buy this figure right now.

Angel usually comes with another pair of arms so that you can make a shirtless variant aswell. Again, there is tons of articulation on this figure, but the arms for the jacket around the shoulder area aren’t really the best when it comes to creating gun holding poses since they don’t come together as easy.

Sadly this one has gone up in price over the years, I used to find one for 6$ but last time I bought one it cost me 16$ without shippping.


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