C. Viper

This is the Neca release of Crimson Viper from Street Fighter IV.


I think I first used this maybe on a V for Vendetta figure, and it also worked well for my Liara T’Soni custom and those female Assassin’s Creed recruits.
Now right of the bat this figure has tons of articulation and comes with four individual hands. There is no base, but when I took those pictures the high heels were actually enough to support this figure.


Also, with the right amount of time and a dremmel tool this is a great base for both male and female figures. I used this headsculpt only once though on my Poison Ivy figure.


The hands seem also way too small for this body, especially since the legs are so long, but I think this is a great body if you’re planning to do a custom Catwoman or Black Widow.


I usually pick up several of these for just under 10$ a piece on eBay, but you should watch out for those arms since they can pop out very easily from the sockets, which is why I usually screw them in myself.


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