This is the Marvel Legends release of X-23, something something X-men and Wolverine, I don’t really care, how can I make this into a Robin figure?

I’ve only used this figure a couple of times now as a base but I can only recommend it.

First of, if you want to make a figure like Conan The Barbarian then THIS is the hair you want to use on your body, it’s just like in the movie and comics.

The body itself is also really great if you want to sculpt a smaller figure like children or teenagers. I’ve seen figures based on Hit-Girl and made a Robin that’s also on this site.

Down below you’ll see a work in progress image of a Prince Of Persia custom figure just to show off how great this base works for all kinds of smaller figures.

Last time I saw one on eBay I got it for around 7$, but like with Crimson Viper the arms can pop out very easily so I recommend tearing them from the sockets and simple using a screw on that joint.


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